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IRS Reconsideration Audit Services

Are you facing unsettling results from an IRS audit? Did you inadvertently miss the deadline for an IRS Appeal or the opportunity to contest in Tax Court? Are you being burdened with a tax demand you genuinely believe is incorrect? You might be in a situation where you don’t owe the stated amount, and with our expertise, we’re here to help ensure you’re treated fairly.

Understanding Tax Law

It’s crucial to understand that the Internal Revenue Code § 6404 (a) empowers the IRS to rectify any tax assessment along with its associated interest and penalties if found excessive, made in error, implemented illegally, or raised after the statute of limitations has lapsed. Should you be faced with an erroneous tax assessment that hasn’t been settled, there are provisions wherein the IRS might consider a request for an audit reconsideration.

Diving deeper, the Internal Revenue Manual sets out the procedures the IRS adopts during an audit reconsideration request evaluation. For a reconsideration request to be accepted by the IRS, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The taxpayer has to have duly filed a tax return.
  2. The tax assessment should either remain unsettled or the Service has disapproved tax credits, which the taxpayer contests.
  3. The taxpayer must specify the adjustments being contested.
  4. It’s mandatory for the taxpayer to present additional information that wasn’t considered in the initial examination.
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How We Can Help You

Our dedicated team will access the auditor’s records using the Freedom of Information Act, allowing us to review the decision-making process regarding your IRS tax debt meticulously. Armed with this insight, we’ll delve into your audit’s legal and tax implications. This will enable us to determine if an appeal is in your best interest.

Should an appeal be the recommended path, we’re equipped to craft an audit reconsideration request advocating for correcting any excessive tax claims. This request will detail why you were unjustly denied the chance to provide pertinent data and contest the initial audit outcome. We’ll also highlight how presenting this data during the original audit could have favorably impacted your tax obligations.

The maze of legal and tax intricacies intertwined in an audit necessitates the expertise of a seasoned IRS tax attorney. A dedicated IRS tax lawyer stands as your best chance to appeal an IRS verdict and potentially overturn an unfavorable IRS tax assessment.

Reach Out For Expert Guidance

With an extensive track record of managing tax controversies, New Jersey tax attorney Todd S. Unger is equipped to handle cases similar to yours, benefiting both individuals and businesses throughout the state. Entrust us with gathering vital financial data, navigating IRS documentation intricacies, and negotiating a resolution tailored to your needs. Contact us now for the expert representation you deserve. (877) 544-4743