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Newark Tax Attorney

IRS tax attorney Todd S. Unger serving new jersey, new york and PA

Understanding the ins and outs of tax laws can easily feel overwhelming, especially when it’s New Jersey tax laws and federal tax laws. There are conflicting rules and complicated language, and navigating through this information is tough. That’s why a tax attorney is so helpful. Backed by years of practice in federal and state tax disputes, Todd S. Unger, Esq., is the experienced tax attorney that Newark, NJ individuals and companies trust with their tax concerns.

Personalized Tax Support for Newark, NJ Businesses

Finding help with payroll tax problems is simple when you come to the offices of tax attorney Todd Unger. To resolve problems with payroll taxes, we can help you work out a payment plan, offer in compromise or other tax solution with the IRS. Because we’ve defended business entities for years, we have the experience and skill to help you work against forcible collection action. Attorney Todd Unger fights tenaciously for clients to keep businesses operating and to remove tax liabilities.

Support in IRS Audits in Newark, NJ

When you’re facing an IRS audit you don’t have to deal with it alone. Attorney Todd Unger is available to provide the knowledge and experience that can make dealing with the IRS less daunting. He prepares you for the audit and gives personalized help once it is underway.

Tax Solutions for Back Taxes in Newark, NJ

You don’t have to negotiate with the IRS about back taxes by yourself. Experienced attorney Todd Unger can help you manage back tax problems by seeing if you qualify for an offer in compromise or other tax solution. Whether it’s through a penalty abatement, an installment agreement, filing a tax-motivated bankruptcy, an audit reconsideration or innocent spouse relief, the Law Offices of Todd S. Unger Esq., give you the support to navigate tricky back tax issues.

When you need legal support in Newark, NJ, come to the Law Offices of Todd. S. Unger! Contact us today to discuss your situation and learn how we can help you.

As the largest city in the state, Newark, NJ is a major transportation hub, set conveniently just 8 miles from Manhattan. Residents enjoy proximity to everything from sporting to art events, as well as the natural beauty of the nation’s largest collection of cherry blossoms. 

But in Newark as anywhere else in the country, running into problems with the IRS is a serious issue. And anyone in the area facing tax problems can find ready help through Todd Unger. Call today to schedule your confidential consultation and fix your tax problem.