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Tax Attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ

Dealing with the IRS can be a daunting task, particularly when bureaucratic priorities might overshadow the rights and needs of taxpayers. In New Jersey, businesses and individuals can rely on the deep expertise of Todd Unger to guide them through these challenges. Unlike standard tax resolution firms, Todd Unger offers tailored advice and robust representation, helping clients understand complex tax issues and advocating on their behalf. Key services include handling IRS reconsideration audits, resolving issues related to federal tax liens, and negotiating installment agreements.

Todd S. Unger, Esq., LLC offers specialized IRS tax solutions, providing expert assistance not only across New Jersey but also on an international scale. With a strategic focus on residents throughout the state, our firm ensures that every Cherry Hill resident has access to comprehensive legal advice on IRS matters.

Overcome IRS Challenges with Expert Guidance

Navigating the complexities of the IRS can be overwhelming, especially when bureaucratic procedures may compromise the rights and needs of taxpayers. In Cherry Hill, businesses and individuals can depend on the extensive expertise of Todd Unger to steer them through these hurdles.

Unlike standard tax resolution firms, Todd Unger delivers personalized advice and strong representation, helping clients grasp complex tax issues and advocating effectively on their behalf. Key services include managing IRS reconsideration audits, addressing federal tax liens, and facilitating installment agreements.

Tax Services For Your Needs

Our firm is equipped to address a broad spectrum of tax-related concerns.

Whether it’s providing bankruptcy consultations, conducting identity theft tax investigations, navigating innocent spouse relief intricacies, or resolving payroll tax issues, Todd Unger’s wide-ranging expertise in tax law ensures that our clients receive complete support customized to their particular situations.

Local Office Serving the Cherry Hill Community

Our commitment to the residents of New Jersey, particularly those in Cherry Hill, is steadfast. Located conveniently in Mt. Laurel, our office is primed to assist clients in Cherry Hill as well as neighboring communities like Camden and Moorestown. We are dedicated to providing both audit support and guidance on tax debt resolution.

For residents of Cherry Hill facing IRS challenges or seeking reliable tax advice, Todd Unger’s commitment to providing top-tier legal tax services is evident. If you’re dealing with IRS issues or need consultation on various tax matters, turn your concerns over to a trusted professional

Reach out through our contact form or call us at (877) 544-4743 to schedule your confidential consultation.