Amazing results! I was in massive debt (triple figures) to the IRS because of a bank falsely claiming the value of a property I’d own 20 years ago…Todd Unger was the exact right choice for me to hanle this issue. No nonsense effort! Not only did Todd get this debt ENTIRELY eliminated, he also got me the $7k plus refund that I was completely entitled to… DO NOT under any circumstances take on a bank or the IRS by yourself. They have unlimited resources. The vast majority of us don’t. In closing, please get in touch with Tod if you have issues with the IRS of ANY sort. You do yourself a great disservice otherwise. You are the man, Todd.”
~ Robert K.

Todd was completely understanding and extremely helpful with both my questions and concerns. I highly recommend him!”
~ Jaimeein M.

“Just the nicest guy. I called for a brief consultation, and Todd made me feel very comfortable even though I was ill prepared with facts. It’s important to work with people that make you feel comfortable. Good advice and very educated within his arena. Definitely recommend.” ~ Ava

“I highly recommend Todd Unger. I had been having a difficult time dealing with the IRS on my own and frankly did not have the time. He was accessible and helped me understand all of my legal options and ultimately got me back on my way.” ~ Pat M.

“Todd knows his tax law and would be a great asset to personal or business needs. He is the first attorney I call when I have a tax question come up at my office.” ~ Dennis Dever CPA

“Todd Unger has changed my opinion when it has come to dealings with attorneys. Unlike most attorneys I have dealt with in the past, Mr. Unger always took the time to thoroughly explain every detail pertaining to my situation and made sure I understood everything he was doing to turn around my dire situation. When I had a question, he was accessible. Without his help, I am unsure where my family and I would be today. I cannot thank him enough. I would recommend his services to anyone who is having issues with the IRS.”

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