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Freehold New Jersey Tax Attorney

At Todd S. Unger, Esq., LLC, we provide specialized legal services in tax law, offering expert IRS solutions both internationally and locally to New Jersey residents. With our offices strategically located to serve every corner of the state, our mission is to ensure that comprehensive legal advice on IRS matters is accessible to all—from the bustling urban centers of Northern New Jersey to the serene suburbs of the South.

Statewide Representation

Our firm stands out for its commitment to serving the diverse needs of New Jersey residents. Whether you are facing the IRS head-on or dealing with state tax issues, Todd S. Unger, Esq., LLC offers unmatched expertise and diligent representation. Our presence is felt statewide, with offices that cover both the northern and southern regions, ensuring that no matter where you are located, professional help is just a call away.

Specialized Legal Advice on Tax Issues

Dealing with the IRS can be an intimidating prospect. Tax issues are complex and require a sophisticated understanding of the law and procedures, which Todd Unger brings to every client’s table. Our firm recognizes that often, the IRS’s interests may not align with the best interests of taxpayers. That’s why Todd Unger is dedicated to navigating these intricate paths alongside you, providing clarity and strategic advice to protect your financial interests.

Comprehensive Tax Services

Our array of services covers a wide spectrum of tax-related needs, ensuring that whatever your situation, we have the expertise to handle it:

Ready to Assist You

No matter your tax issue, Todd S. Unger, Esq., LLC is equipped to provide the guidance and advocacy needed to resolve it effectively. Our doors are always open to residents and businesses in New Jersey looking for reliable and professional tax legal services.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards resolving your tax challenges with confidence.